Encountering the Unexpected

On Christmas Day, I was walking with my son on the banks of the Sacramento River on a pleasant afternoon when suddenly, everything changed. My foot slipped; I crashed to the ground, and shattered the cup of my hip joint.

My days since then have been full of surgeries, complications, time in Intensive Care, a
twelve-day period without food or water by mouth, an unsatisfactory attempt to move to a rehabilitation unit.

I remain so far in Sacramento- far from friends, support systems, computer links and all the things that shaped and comforted my life before. I have had much time to reflect on the meaning of suffering, of chance and God’s will, of the presence of friends across time and space.

My thanks to those of you who have expressed your concern, shared your prayers, and reminded me of the lessons of your own traditions for such times.  I will have a long recovery time ahead and cherish your presence with me.

My net connections are erratic; I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to update or when I’ll be able to return to active work in the Interfaith Community. Do continue to keep me in your prayers.

Andrew Kille


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