Farewell Examiner.com

Interfaith SpaceInteresting synchronicity at work: as I mentioned in a recent post, I decided to return to the News & Notes blog after an extended and frustrating time with Examiner.com. The reasons for changing were piling up:

  • every time I tried to log into my account to write something, the site refused my password and I had to go through the rigamarole of changing it. The next time, rather than accepting my new password, it would send me through the same process again.
  • it was clear that the overall interest of writers at Examiner.com did not extend much beyond celebrity gossip, consumer goods, sports, and popular culture. Even among those who wrote about issues of religion, the quality of contributions was spotty.
  • there was big pressure to include photos and/or videos with articles, accompanied by stringent rules about copyright (justified) and format (sometimes difficult). They provided a resource of Getty images, but I soon realized that interfaith news generally does not get much coverage. Unless I was looking for a picture of the Dalai Lama or an example of interreligious violence, appropriate visuals were hard to find.

So I quit. And now I see that Examiner.com has shut down as of two days after I decided to give it up. The URL now takes you to AXS.com, a site for tickets to live concerts and sports events. Farewell to several years of articles on things interfaith, but hello to a bit more freedom to write about what I want to.

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