Religion 2.0?

As a baptist, I often appreciate the observations of Bruce Gourley, Interim Director of the Center for Baptist Studies at Mercer University in Georgia. In the current issue of the Baptist Studies Bulletin, Gourley comments on the shift that seems to be happening in religion as we enter the 21st century:

In short, Twenty-First Century Religion 1.0 was founded on the principle of fear and has been expressed in militant efforts to suppress theological opposition. Untold tens of thousands of lives have been lost in this clash of Religious Right 1.0 and Islamic Fundamentalism 1.0.

Fortunately, there is hope, rooted in a new kind of religious vision which in part is a response to the destructiveness that has resulted:

Surveying the smoldering battlefield ashes and lives ruined by no-holds-barred theological warfare, Religion 2.0 is rejecting the pulpit of fear and the use of theology as a tool for conquering.

Gourley is able to speak more about the shift happening in evangelical Christianity, but he sees similar changes in Islam as well. The article is short, and well worth reading.

A brief note about me- after two months of hospitalization and rehab, I’m at last back in my natural environs, though still not able to walk unassisted and lower on energy than I’m used to. Gradually, I’m getting back into the rhythm of things and hope to begin posting here again more regularly.

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