About News & Notes

Rev. D. Andrew KilleThis blog is maintained by D. Andrew Kille , who started Interfaith Space in San Jose, CA in 2002 to develop and strengthen interfaith relations in the South San Francisco Bay Area.

He works closely with interfaith organizations including the Silicon Valley Interreligious Council, and the Interfaith Center at the Presidio in San Francisco.

Ordained in the American Baptist Churches, USA, he has been involved in interfaith relations in the Bay Area since his seminary days in the early 1970s, as a pastor, teacher, administrator, and facilitator. Rev. Kille holds a Ph.D. in psychology and the Bible and is the author of Psychological Biblical Studies and  co-editor of A Cry Instead of Justice: The Bible and Cultures of Violence in Psychological Perspective (with Dereck Dashke) and Psychological Insight into the Bible: Texts and Readings (with Wayne G. Rollins). He also works as a facilitator, consultant, and webdesigner (www.revdak.com).

Since 2008, Andy has been Editor of Reading Between The Lines, (formerly BibleWorkbench), a Bible study resource focused on engaging the stories of the Bible and linking them to our contemporary world and our own inner stories. RBTL is published by The Educational Center.

2 Responses to About News & Notes

  1. Dian Syverson says:

    I want to subscribe to your “News and Notes” Even if I can’t read it all the time I want to be in touch.

    Dian Syverson
    Member Holy Family Parish
    Member American Association of University Women

  2. revdak says:

    You can subscribe by clicking “Subscribe” in the top right corner of the page. If you are interested in subscribing to the monthly Interfaith Space newsletter with dates of religious observances and local interfaith opportunities, go to http://www.interfaithspace.org/mailings/mailings.htm

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