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ING site promotes series on First Principles

During this month of Ramadan, which ends around Sunday, July 27,  ING, the nation-wide educational organization with its founding offices in San José, has been publishing a series of reflections on “First Principles of Religion.” Along with their educational Islamic … Continue reading

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Concern for those in the Gaza conflict

SiVIC, ING, and the Parliament of the World’s Religions – three organizations that I respect and work with – have issued statements of concern about the current situation in Gaza. In times of profound conflict, the relationships that have been … Continue reading

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Ramadan 2014 (1435)

Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting and prayer, began this year on June 28. During the month, Muslims will fast from food and water from sunup to sundown, a special challenge during these long summer days. It is traditional to … Continue reading

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New Hope for Catholics and Muslims

As an American Muslim activist, it may shock you to find out that I’m absolutely enthralled with the appointment of the new pope. That’s Maha ElGenaidi, founder of ING, the Islamic Networks Group, writing at the Huffington Post. Commenting on … Continue reading

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Baptists and Muslims in conversation

Earlier this month, I went to  “Common Ground,” a gathering at the American Baptist Seminary of the West aimed at bringing American Baptists in the Bay Area together with local Muslims for the first time in a formal way. This … Continue reading

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ING Webinar on Sharia Law

ING is a internationally respected educational organization based in San Jose that has been providing education in religious literacy for schools, hospitals, governmental agencies, law enforcement personnel, congregations, and community groups since 1993. It began with an Islamic Speakers Bureau … Continue reading

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Reading Torah and Qur’an together

If you’re up early on Sunday morning, you might want to watch KPIX Channel 5. At 5:00 am (it’s OK just to set your DVR!) on Sunday, May 23, KPIX will air a program about the recent “Madrasa-Midrasha” class that … Continue reading

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