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Parliament set for October in Salt Lake City

The Parliament of the World’s Religions, a global interfaith assembly whose roots go back into the late 19th century, will convene once again this coming year in Salt Lake City, Utah from October 15-19. This is the first time since … Continue reading

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ING site promotes series on First Principles

During this month of Ramadan, which ends around Sunday, July 27,  ING, the nation-wide educational organization with its founding offices in San José, has been publishing a series of reflections on “First Principles of Religion.” Along with their educational Islamic … Continue reading

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Baptists and Muslims in conversation

Earlier this month, I went to  “Common Ground,” a gathering at the American Baptist Seminary of the West aimed at bringing American Baptists in the Bay Area together with local Muslims for the first time in a formal way. This … Continue reading

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Welcome a new Interreligious Council

On Sunday, March 6, the San Francisco Bay Area will welcome its newest interfaith organization, the Silicon Valley Interreligious Council. Though the South Bay has a long history of collaborative work and mutual appreciation among the varied religious communities in … Continue reading

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Celebration and Prayers for the People of Egypt

Many in the Bay Area have followed recent events in Egypt closely, watching as the Egyptian people came together to topple the government of Hosni Mubarak. Among the stories coming out of that effort were scenes of Egyptian Christians and … Continue reading

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“Tolerance” is not enough

Rajiv Malhotra writes in the Huffington Post: Tolerance was a political “deal” arranged between enemies to quell the violence (a kind of cease-fire) without yielding any ground. Since it was not based on genuine respect for difference, it inevitably broke … Continue reading

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SJSU students discuss religion in multifaith panel | News@SJSU

A panel at San Jose State University on Wednesday, December 1st,  included representatives from Hindu, Sikh, Zen Buddhism, Judaism, and Christianity. Two people representing Islam closed the discussion and the panel led a question and answer session. SJSU students discuss … Continue reading

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