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Passing on the faith- more thoughts

In my note yesterday on teaching children faith in this multifaith era, I did not note that the article by Monica Coleman that was my starting point was actually part of a larger collection of articles at Patheos that are … Continue reading

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Zoroastrian Temple in San Jose

There’s an interesting article on the Dar-e-Mehr Zoroastrian Temple in San Jose on the Killing the Buddha website: The Dar-e-Mehr lies in the San Jose foothills overlooking Silicon Valley and the Bay. Evidence of the property’s former life as a … Continue reading

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March Against Hate in Antioch

Sunday, September 23, Muslims, Jews, Christians, Sikhs, Baha’is, Zoroastrians and other believers joined a “March Against Hate” that wended its way from Antioch City Hall to Antioch High School. In response to an arson attack on a local mosque, members … Continue reading

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The Golden Rule

Scarboro Missions, a Canadian group of Catholic priests and lay people, has created an interactive on-line introduction to thirteen religious traditions, from Zoroastrianism to Baha’i. For each tradition there is a brief description, along with that tradition”s formulation of “the … Continue reading

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