Peace Picnic for September 11

peace picnic

The ability to make our country safe, secure, peaceful and harmonious lies in our hands

American Muslim Voice, an organization that has fostered better relations between Muslims and their neighbors, has specialized over the years in bringing people together for shared meals, and plans a community picnic on September 11th.

The gathering will take place at the Martin Luther King, Jr. plaza at the Palo Alto City Hall, 250 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto, Wednesday, September 11, from 5:00 – 7:00 pm.

The Peace Picnic is an effort to transform the tragic day of September 11 into a time for “peace and community building.’

In an article at Palo Alto Online, AMV founder Samina Sundas laments the loss of human connections in the midst of Silicon Valley:

Social media will never replace human contact. People go online and ‘friend’ each other. Those are not your friends. When you are in trouble — when you are in need — they cannot reach out to help you.

The gathering will include a free dinner and fun activities for children. All are invited.

This year’s event is co-sponsored by the office of Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese and the Human Relations Commission of Palo Alto. A number of other community organizations are supporting the effort.

For more information, contact Samina Sundas at 650-387-1994, or download a flyer.

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