It passed!

By a vote of 31-0, the California Senate voted on Monday to pass the Concurrent Resolution on Hindu American Awareness and Appreciation Month. The bill now goes to the Assembly for their vote. The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Ellen Corbett, remarked, “As the Senator representing the 10th State Senate District, I am honored to represent constituents from many diverse backgrounds, including a significant number of Hindu Americans, California is home to a thriving community of over 370,000 Hindu Americans that enrich our state’s diversity and professional assets in fields as diverse as academia, science, technology, business, arts and literature. I thank my colleagues for supporting SCR 32 today that recognizes Hindu American contributions in California, as well as designates October 2013 in their honor.”

A delegation of over 70 Hindu Americans, including San Jose City Council Member Ash Kalra, Fremont Vice-Mayor Anu Natarajan, and Fremont City Council Member Raj Salwan. The delegation was organized by the Hindu American Foundation, which was also closely involved in drafting the bill.

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