Study on Bay Area Muslims

Map of the SF Bay Area

Map of the SF Bay Area
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although religion plays a vital role in American life, and we are aware that the religious landscape is changing dramatically, there is little information about the specifics of religious communities, who makes them up, and what their role is in the community at large.

So it’s great to see that the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding has produced a unique study of the Muslim community in the Bay Area, a group encompassing some 250,000 Muslims living in the six Bay Area Counties. “The Bay Area Muslim Study: Establishing Identity and Community” was developed by Farid Senzai of Santa Clara University and Hatem Bazian of UC Berkeley and Zaytuna College, and was made possible by a grant from One Nation Bay Area.

The study represents the first close look at the history, demographics, identity, and civic engagements of the Muslim community in our area, along with the challenges ahead. On the ISPU website, you can download the report or look at maps and infographics from the study.

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