Faith Shared

It seems that it’s been a while since I’ve posted here- and now that we’re into a slower time in the Summer months, I have time to catch up on some of what’s been happening.

The Interfaith Alliance and Human Rights First invited congregations to celebrate Faith Shared – crossing religious boundaries on June 26, sharing scriptures from the varied traditions and affirming the freedom of worship.

In his report of the events, Tad Stahnke, Director of Policy and Programs at Human Rights First, observed:

It is true that in recent years the United States has seen a disturbing trend of anti-Muslim violence, discrimination and rhetoric, as well as a general lack of understanding about Islam. We’ve seen Qur’an burnings, individuals attacked only because they are Muslims, a pipe bomb explosion at an Islamic community centre in Florida and a surge in reported cases of discrimination against Muslims in workplaces and schools throughout the country.

But those incidents – all of which have grabbed headlines – don’t represent the views of so many Americans who respect religious freedom and the diversity of faiths that freedom brings.

Across the country, people gathered to share their scriptures and to hear from religious leaders of their different communities. “Americans are a nation not of the few who burn Qur’ans and incite hatred, but of the many who fully embrace religious freedom, tolerance and pluralism.”

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2 Responses to Faith Shared

  1. Bill Malcomson says:


    Are you familiar with the writings of Tariq Ramadan?
    I just finished teaching his two recent books: WHAT I BELIEVE and THE QUEST FOR MEANING.
    I have heard him speak. Outstanding!

    Bill Malcomson

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