ING Webinar on Sharia Law

ING is a internationally respected educational organization based in San Jose that has been providing education in religious literacy for schools, hospitals, governmental agencies, law enforcement personnel, congregations, and community groups since 1993. It began with an Islamic Speakers Bureau to educate people about Islam and Muslims, but a couple of years ago it expanded to include an Interfaith Speakers Bureau, which include speakers from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and Jewish traditions as well as Islam. (Full disclosure- the writer is a member of the Scholars’ Advisory Board of ING and helped develop the curriculum for the Christian speakers.)

In response to the current fuss over “Sharia Law” in the US, often used by politicians to stir up anti-Muslim sentiment and drive wedges between people in this country, ING will offer an online webinar on Sharia Saturday, May 7, 2010, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The webinar will be led by ING Content Director (and co-founder) Ameena Jandali and ING Content Manager Haroon Moghul. It will feature a slideshow presentation about Sharia and answer common questions about what it is and what it really means.

Registration is required for the webinar; there is no cost to sign up. Information and registration is available on the ING website. For more information, contact Ali Rangwala at 408-296-7312.

At a time when State Legislatures in Missouri, South Carolina, and Oklahoma have debated anti-Sharia laws and notorious Qur’an-burning pastor Terry Jones was prevented from holding an anti-Sharia demonstration in front of the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Michigan, it is important to understand what Sharia is and what it is not.

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