Egyptian Muslims protect Coptic churches

You might have missed this story- following a suicide bomber’s attack on a Coptic Christian church in Alexandra, Egypt that killed 23 people attending Mass, thousands of Muslims made a point of attending services for the Coptic celebration of Christmas on January 7th. They wanted to demonstrate their support for the Christian community and to serve as “human shields” for their neighbors.

One Muslim attendee at Mass in Cairo told the L.A. Times, “I’m here to tell all my Coptic brothers that Muslims and Christians are an inseparable pillar of Egypt’s texture. Copts have to know that we will share any pains or threats they go through.”

Coptic Christianity is one of the oldest Christian traditions in the world, tracing its origins to the ancient academy at Alexandria and the monastic traditions that developed among the Desert Fathers. It is the largest Christian community in the Middle East, and encompasses roughly 10% of the population of Egypt.

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