Meet Muslims in the Movies

In a recent post on Religion Dispatches, Haroon Moghul of the Maydan Institute notes that the best way to counter prejudice against Muslims is to meet Muslims. We are fortunate in our area to have many opportunities for such encounters. Sometimes, though, it may be more difficult. It might be hard to find a Muslim with whom to talk, or it might simply be too threatening to take such a step. In that case, Moghul has another suggestion:

The next best thing to a living, breathing Muslim is an approximation of one. That is, the silver screen (had you said robots, I’d counter: Muslims will be the last people on Earth to come up with robots). Why not? Movies explore the lives and experiences of Muslims in a format that can be watched as easily at home as on the train (that’s what iPads are for).

He goes on to list a number of films that are available from Netflix or other sources and which can offer insight into the lives, history, and experience of Muslims.

Read the article at Religion Dispatches:

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