Conference calls for Christian/Muslim “Crisis Group”

A follow up on last week’s note about the Christian/ Muslim discussions in Geneva-

Reports are in from the “Transforming Communities: Christians and Muslims Building a Common Future” conference. The conference met November 1-4, 2010, and was convened by the World Council of Churches, the Libyan-based World Islamic Call Society, the Jordanian-based Royal Aal al Bayt Institute and the Consortium of “A Common Word”, a group that includes Muslim scholars from around the world.

Participants at the conference engaged three areas of concern: Beyond Majority and Minority; From Conflict to Compassionate Justice; and Education for Understanding and Shared Citizenship.

In a closing statement, the attendees committed themselves to further dialogue and common work in all three areas:

  • to counter discrimination and unjust legal restrictions on religious minorities and combat traditional stereotypes and historical injustices
  • to seek the creation of a joint working group that can be mobilized in the event of conflict between Christians and Muslims and to avoid the manipulation of religion for framing or fomenting conflict
  • to work together to educate about the “other,” at all levels and to create interfaith educational resources

You can find the final statement and several of the presentations at


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