Local Muslim community mourns attacks in Pakistan

Members of the local Bait-ul-Baseer Mosque in Milpitas were stunned last week by the attacks on two Ahmadiyya Muslim mosques in Lahore, Pakistan by members of the Pakistani Taliban. Over 70 were supposed dead, victims of grenades and automatic weapon fire against the crowds of worshipers gathered for the regular Friday services.

The Ahmadiyya have suffered persecution for many years, due to their unorthodox beliefs– they affirm that their founder, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, was the long-anticipated “Promised One,” who championed Islam’s true values. Their motto is “Love for All, Hatred for None,” and members of the local community have been regular participants in efforts to build multifaith understanding and appreciation.

In an official statement from the national headquarters in the US, the community declared:

Those Muslim groups responsible for the attack have broken cardinal rules within Islam, such as the Quranic directives, “And create not disorder in the earth” (7:57) and “whosoever killed a person …it shall be as if he had killed all mankind” (5:33). Islam condemns violence and the taking of innocent lives, and the Ahmadiyya Muslim community rejects any claims from those who do so that they are following Islamic principles.

There is no place for violence of any kind in Islam, and Islam has no need for those who resort to violence in a so-called defense of their faith. “Reverence for life is a part of Islam,” said Nasim Rehmatullah, Vice President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA. “The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community calls on the Pakistan government and other influential parties to dispense justice in the area.” The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community sends condolences to the families of the victims of the tragedy.

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