Reading Torah and Qur’an together

If you’re up early on Sunday morning, you might want to watch KPIX Channel 5. At 5:00 am (it’s OK just to set your DVR!) on Sunday, May 23, KPIX will air a program about the recent “Madrasa-Midrasha” class that was sponsored by the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley several Jewish and Muslim groups, including our local Islamic Networks Group,

The class name was derived from the Arabic and Hebrew words for “place of study,” and involved students from the GTU and the general public in weekly study of the Torah and Qur’an and the commentary texts from Judaism and Islam. Each week, guest lecturers from both Jewish and Muslim perspectives would lead the discussion, focused on issues of common concern: social justice, gender, sacred space, art, music, Jerusalem and business ethics.

Other sponsors of the class in addition to the GTU and ING included  Lehrhaus Judaica and the Progressive Jewish Alliance on the Jewish side and the Zaytuna Institute of Islamic studies.

Sunday morning’s broadcast on Madrasa-Midrasha will include interviews with the GTU Center for Islamic Studies (CIS) Director Munir Jiwa; Center for Jewish Studies (CJS) Director Naomi Seidman; CJS student Tricia Gibbs, M.D.; and CIS colleague Ameena Jandali. Sr. Marianne Farina, C.S.C., Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology, hosts the show.

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