Local Muslim group speaks out against extremism

ING, a locally based international organization, issued a statement yesterday that condemns the attempted bombing plot in New York, cautions Muslims against extremism, and recalls the constructive interfaith work that Muslims have engaged in. ING began in 1993, offering education about Islam and Muslims in schools, congregations, and other public arenas. In recent years, ING’s program has expanded into developing an Interfaith Speakers Bureau, which provides education about the major religious traditions in our communities.

Here’s the ING statement:

ING Condemns NYC Plot and Supports Efforts against Extremism (San Jose, CA 05/05/2010) –

ING (Islamic Networks Group) joins American Muslims and all Americans in voicing outrage at the latest in a string of attacks or plots in recent months that have been perpetrated by Muslims. Saturday’s plot to explode an SUV in Times Square was foiled due to the bravery of New York residents – including a Senegalese Muslim Aliou Niasse, who was the first to notice the smoking car – and the swift work of law enforcement agencies. Plots or attacks such as this that target innocent people are nothing less than hiraba, an Arabic word that means “sowing corruption on earth.” Hiraba is strictly condemned by the Qur’an in the strongest terms, as is the taking of innocent lives, one of the most egregious crimes in Islam. We support all efforts to both counter the ideology that twists Islamic teachings and sanctions prohibited actions, and prevent the reoccurrence of such heinous acts. We applaud the efforts of organizations such as the Muslim Public Affairs Council which is working with law enforcement agencies in concrete ways to combat extremism through its recommendations in a report titled, Forging an Effective Counterterrorism Enterprise between Muslim Americans and Law Enforcement.
For those who are still not clear about the Islamic position on terrorism, we reference the numerous and repeated statements and condemnations of Muslim scholars across the world since 9/11. A small sampling of such statements includes:

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