Partner City Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day that the Silicon Valley Partner City Group will present its workshop at the Parliament of the World’s Religions: Developing an Interreligious Community: How Silicon Valley Used the Partner City Process. Members of the team include Rev. Ellen Grace O’Brian (Center for Spiritual Enlightenment), Prof. Boo Riley (Santa Clara University), Dave Cortese (Santa Clara County Supervisor), Joy-Ellen Lipsky (First Unitarian), Girish Shah (Jain Community) and yours truly.

During the evening plenary session, we will be recognized as the Inaugural Partner City of the Parliament Partner City Network. There are lots of people here who are interested in having their own communities become Partner Cities, and are looking to us for a model.

If you’d like to see what we’ve been up to, I’ve set up a page on the Interfaith Space website where you can download our presentation, a video of the Circle of Palms event in 2006, our report to the Parliament and some additional supporting materials.

Send your thoughts and prayers our way!

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