Taking It to Melbourne

Preparing for the December Parliament of Religions

Sunday, July 12, 2009
4:00-7:00 pm
Interfaith Chapel in the Presidio

  • What do Chicago, Cape Town, and Barcelona have in common?
  • How did a 19th century Hindu teacher change world religion?
  • What happens when 10,000 people from different spiritual traditions converge in one place?
  • To whom did the Australian government offer a collective apology?
  • And what are we taking to Melbourne?!?

These questions and more will be explored at Taking It to Melbourne, a pre-Parliament of the World’s Religions event. We’ll have videoclips and pictures on a big screen along with personal stories of people who have journeyed to past Parliaments. And a special feature: presentations from those in our area who will be offering workshops at the Parliament in December.

Californians (and visitors from afar) who have proposed workshops for the Parliament in Melbourne: We invite you to be part of the program, taking two or three minutes to explain your workshop proposal and why it is important to you. Contact Paul Chaffee at paul@interfaith-presidio.org if you are interested in presenting.

LIVE WEBCAST – If you can’t come to San Francisco, go to www.interfaith-presidio.org and click on the Video Center button to join the event, at 4:00 pm (PST) (No login required).

If you are coming in person, you’ll find a map and directions at the website.

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