ISA: Three Commitments

I’m about to head off for four days, meeting with folks from the California branches of the International Satsang Association. ISA is a global association of individuals who make three commitments in their lives: to deepen their own spiritual practice within their own tradition; to work to remove barriers of  prejudice and misunderstanding between people; and to develop relationships of compassion and appreciation across boundaries of  “race, language, culture, and religion.”

The group will be meeting with Sister Ishpriya, the founder of ISA, who left England to serve as a Roman Catholic Sister of the Sacred Heart in India. She set up a Christian ashram in the foothills of the Himalayas, and has devoted her life to interfaith dialogue in a spirit of mutual understanding and a common search for truth.

The Bay Area Satsang group meets every other month in San Jose. Our meetings include time for meditation and learning from one another about the challenges of living out our commitments in our day-to-day living. We welcome anyone interested in those commitments to join with us. For more information, see the website.

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