Challenging “Obsession”

Some communities in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Oregon, and elsewhere have recently been flooded with CDs in their newspapers advertising the film Obsession. This three-year old video which purports to tell the “truth” about Islamic radicalism is rather an anti-Muslim propaganda piece, claiming that Muslims are engaged in covert efforts to subvert American culture and comparing Muslims to the Nazis. Everywhere it has appeared, local interfaith groups and individuals have spoken out against the film and the apparent attempt to use fear and misinformation to affect the election in swing states.

Until recently, it appeared that the CD had not been distributed in the San Francisco Bay Area, and so local interfaith groups were hesitant to give free publicity to this effort to fuel distrust and prejudice in our community.  However, it now appears that copies have been mailed to California residents, as well.

For all that the DVD producers protest that they are talking only about “some” Muslims, the bulk of the presentation is less than careful about making distinctions, and paints and entire religious community with the same brush. If you want to know more about the DVD and its background, see the websites below.

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