Multifaith Living at UC Davis

The Cal Aggie Christian Association this Fall expanded their horizons in opening a new Multifaith Living Community. Including students from Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, and Sikh traditions, the mission of the Community is “to create and sustain a spiritual and ethical community committed to personal and relational growth, mutual respect and caring, and service and justice in the world. The community encourages shared leadership and honors each individual, while fostering intentionality, participation, listening, honesty, openness, caring, responsibility, and service.”

Residents commit themselves to:

* explore their own spirituality.
* be open to learning about and from people of other religious traditions and faiths in the community.
* meet with a spiritual mentor at least once a quarter.
*stay open to sharing their understanding of faith with the community, but refrain from attempting to convert others to their way of believing.

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