Religion and Violence Conference in Mountain View

The Trinity Institute in New York City sponsors an annual Theological Conference on significant issues of our time with leading speakers each year. For those who are not able to travel to New York, there is an alternative way to participate in the conference, thanks to the capabilities of the web.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, January 22-23, 2008, St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Mountain View is offering a satellite conference utilizing webcasts, digital recordings, and roundtable discussions to allow local people to engage the issues of this year’s conference. The conference, Religion & Violence: Untangling the Roots of Conflict, features a panel of leading theologians exploring how religion becomes entangled with violence and what are the resources within each tradition for living together in peace, without losing unique identities. Speakers include James Carroll (Catholic priest and respected author), James H. Cone (professor and author of Black Theology), Susannah Heschel (Dartmouth professor of Jewish Studies), and Tariq Ramadan (international scholar and Oxford research fellow). and Katharine Jefferts Schori (Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, USA) as preacher.

Location: St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, 2094 Grant Rd., Mountain View. The cost for the two day conference will be $50.00 (includes lunch and refreshments both days). Registration: More information: contact William Shreve, (650) 967-4724.

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