Interfaith Blog Events

I have been reminded of the occasional Interfaith Blog Dialogue carried on by a Buddhist, a Protestant Christian, and a Pagan. I wrote about them back in April 2007. Since that time, they have been joined by two other partners, an “emergent” Christian, writing from an Evangelical base but open to and incorporating other perspectives, and a Druid.

They have just begun their seventh round of conversation, on the question “What does gender have to do with divinity?

It’s an impressive list of questions they have tackled:

  • How do you view karma, the thought that your actions in some way determine your experiences, in your spiritual path?
  • Is there anything you consider to be intrinsically right or wrong? What grounds do you have for that conclusion? How does the concept of morality impact your everyday life?
  • Within your religious traditions, what rituals and/or traditions give you a sense of connection to your fellow congregants, beliefs, and communities? What actions do you take to ensure the stability of those connections? Do you feel that the connections that have been made are sufficient for your spiritual and/or religious needs?
  • What role does justice play in the universe?
  • What role does the concept and application of interpersonal forgiveness play in your spiritual tradition?
  • What is your view regarding the meaning and the role of faith? What importance does it play in your community and in your daily life?

You can link into the discussion through any of their websites (I find Mike’s to be the most accessible; the links for the interfaith blog events are on the left hand side):

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