Keeping Diversity; Seeking Harmony: Save the Date; October 2, 2007

Plans are in the works for the third annual interfaith celebration in the South Bay: Keep the Diversity; Seek the Harmony. On Tuesday, October 2nd, people from the diverse religious communities of the South Bay will be invited to gather at the Circle of Palms in downtown San Jose for a time of music, prayers from our different traditions, and breaking bread together.

South Bay Interfaith

The first gathering took place on October 6, 2005, as the Jewish observance of Rosh Hashana and the Muslim month of Ramadan coincided, along with World Communion Sunday and St. Francis of Assisi Day observed by Protestants and Catholics. To celebrate this convergence, Jews, Christians and Muslims gathered for Fasting and Feasting Together: A Family Reunion of Abraham’s Children. with the ringing of the Cathedral Bells, sounding of the Shofar, and the Muslim call to prayer before sharing blessings over food, and breaking the Ramadan fast.

Wishing to include more than just the Abrahamic traditions in the gathering, the planners of Breaking Bread Together: An Interfaith Reunion on September 21, 2006 extended an invitation to Buddhists, Hindus, Jains, Mormons, and Wiccans to join the celebration. Our hope is that this event will continue to be a regular event in the South Bay. The religious communities of the South Bay live and pray side by side in peace; we want to celebrate that reality.

Information about this year’s gathering will be made available on the South Bay Interfaith website as it becomes available. If you or your religious community would like to be involved in the planning and preparations, contact the South Bay Interfaith Steering Committee at

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