In the News…

A couple of items from the news recently caught my eye. Two come from other side of the continent:

In Montgomery, Alabama, the opening prayer in the State House last week was given by Imam Kareem Abdullah of the Birmingham Islamic Center, at the invitation of Rep. Yusuf Salaam of Selma, the sole Muslim member of the State Legislature.

In Charlotte, North Carolina, a county judge declared that witnesses may be sworn in court using the holy text of their choice, and not only the Bible. The case was brought by the ACLU after two judges in Guilford County refused to accept the gift of copies of the Qur’an offered by local Muslims on the grounds that it was “illegal” to use any book other than the Bible. North Carolina law allows three forms of oath- by placing ones hand on “the Holy Scriptures,” by saying “so help me God,” or by affirmation without any religious symbols. This ruling allows the witness to take a court oath using a text “most sacred and obligatory upon their conscience.”

And from our own neighborhood:

An article in the SF Chronicle about a Muslim community in Marin County. “Religious people are also drawn to Marin, which helps explain why a Persian cleric from Iraq established a mosque near Fairfax — perhaps the world’s only Islamic center set in a redwood grove.”

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