Carry the Vision and Beyond

Can it be nearly a week since the Carry the Vision conference last Saturday? As if there were some kind of interfaith convergence in the end of April, it has been nonstop for the past week.

  • Saturday’s Carry the Vision Conference once again brought together people from around the South Bay and beyond to commit themselves to “one simple, but profound act” to create peace in their families, our communities, and the world. High points for me that day included
    • …the gathering of religious leaders from the diverse religious traditions of our area who shared in a blessing for the day and a blessing of City Year Youth who were on their way to service projects throughout the area
    • … moderating a panel on creating peace worldwide, with Prabha Duneja of the Geeta Society, Rev. Bill Swing of the United Religions Initiative (URI), and Linda (Fu-Rong) Sandoval of Soka-Gakkai Buddhist Fellowship sharing their experiences of making connections around the world
    • langar, the tradition of open hospitality and food for all served by the Sikh community
    • Azim Khamisa speaking on the power of forgiveness to transform himself and others following the senseless murder of his son. Memorable quotes: “I was an investment banker, with a Ph.D. in greed and avarice. He [the grandfather of Khamisa’s son’s killer] was a Green Beret- a trained killer. This was not Mahatma Gandhi meeting Martin Luther King! If we could [find forgiveness], anyone can!” “When there is conflict, I say `Ah! A chance to make a friend!'”
    • … dialogue circles, in which groups of six and seven people who did not know each other had opportunity to meet and share what was important to them and to make their commitments for the future
  • The Annual Gala of the Silicon Valley Conference for Community and Justice (SVCCJ) was once again a celebration of what Silicon Valley is able to do to bring diverse people together, teaching students about prejudice and bias and how to combat them day to day in school and community, standing with the victims of crime in our Valley.
  • The SVCCJ was prominent again on Tuesday at the Santa Clara County Holocaust Memorial Commemoration, as students from the Holocaust Studies and Critical Thinking program offered their reflections on whether genocide could happen here (more on this later).
  • And on Thursday, further up the Peninsula, an interfaith group met to consider how to continue the relationships and cooperative efforts that have been built up through a series of interfaith community events. Don’t miss the upcoming discussion of “Is there room for fundamentalism in religion?” which will be held on May 9th in Millbrae.

What a wealth of opportunities! I hope that you will take advantage of the richness of interfaith interactions in “the Valley of Heart’s Delight!” (If you would like to receive our calendar of upcoming events, we invite you to sign on as an Interfaith Associate, or sign up for the Interfaith Associates E-Mail List.

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