A “Triple Commitment” to Building Interfaith Connections

This last week I spent three days at a gathering of the California groups of the International Satsang Association. ISA, centered in Graz, Austria, was established 25 years ago by Sr. Ishpriya, a Roman Catholic sister who spent over 30 years in India studying with Hindu teachers “as a Christian presence among Hindu Sanyasis, committed to Inter-faith dialogue in a spirit of mutual understanding and common search.”

Members of ISA come together around the “Triple Commitment”-

I, as a member of Satsang, make a serious commitment:

  1. to personal growth in spiritual awareness and practice (whatever that may be);
  2. to helping remove the barriers of prejudice and ignorance which divide persons from each other, wherever I encounter them in daily life;
  3. to building up relationships of compassion and appreciation across frontiers of race, language, culture, religion, or economic status.

Seeking together, helping to create a Planetary Vision and a Universal Heart

There are fourteen area groups of ISA worldwide. Each group meets regularly to sit in silence together (the meeting point of most religious traditions), and to engage in learning and discussion to enable Satsang members to deepen their understanding and practice of the Triple Commitment.

The Bay Area Satsang group meets every other month in San Jose. If you are interested in attending a meeting, or just would like more information about ISA, contact bayareasatsang@interfaithspace.org. There is also a Yahoo group with news and information about the Bay Area group (see link below).

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