Moses and Jesus in the Qur’an

The Islamic Networks Group is an international organization based in San Jose devoted to helping students, businesses, and community members understand Islam. In recognition of the fact that early April was a time of convergence for several significant holidays in the Jewish and Christian traditions– Passover, Holy Week, and Easter– shares some quotations from the Qur’an about the key religious figures in each tradition: Moses and Jesus.

“Then after them We sent Moses with Our signs to Pharaoh and his chief; but they mistreated them. Now observe how the corrupt ended up. Moses said: “Pharaoh, I am an emissary from the Lord of the universe, competent on the condition that I not say anything of God but truth. I have come to you with clarification from your Lord, so release the Children of Israel with me.” Pharaoh said: “If you have come with a sign, produce it if you are telling the truth.” Then he threw his staff and lo! It was an apparent serpent! And he pulled out his hand and lo! It was white to the onlookers! (Quran 7:103-108)

“The angels said, “O Mary, God gives you good news of a word from God, named the Messiah, Jesus Son of Mary, honored in the world and the hereafter, and one of the intimates of God. And he will speak to the people in infancy and maturity, and be one of the righteous.” She said, “My Lord! How can I have a son, when no man has touched me?” Thus does God create at will: when God decides on something, God simply says to it “Be!” and it is. And God will teach him scripture and wisdom, and the Torah and the Gospel, and to be an emissary to the Children of Israel: ‘I have come to you with a sign from your Lord. I will make you a figure of a bird out of clay, and breathe into it, whereat it will become a bird, with God’s permission. And I heal the blind and the leprous, and revive the dead, with God’s permission. And I tell you what you consume and what you keep in your homes. Surely there is a sign in that for you, if you are believers.’” (Quran 3:45-49)

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