Interfaith Dialogue via Blog

Three bloggers– Buddhist, Christian, and Pagan– have undertaken an interesting experiment in interfaith dialogue through the medium of their blogs. Sojourner (A Pagan Sojourn), Jon Pennington (Jesusfollowers), and Mike (Unknowing Mind) have committed themselves to responding regularly to a common question regarding their faith and tradition. The questions they have addressed since last September are:

  1. How do you view karma, the thought that your actions in some way determine your experiences, in your spiritual path?
  2. Is there anything you consider to be intrinsically right or wrong? What grounds do you have for that conclusion? How does the concept of morality impact your everyday life?
  3. Within your religious traditions, what rituals and/or traditions give you a sense of connection to your fellow congregants, beliefs, and communities? What actions do you take to ensure the stability of those connections? Do you feel that the connections that have been made are sufficient for your spiritual and/or religious needs?
  4. What role does justice play in the universe?
  5. What role does the concept and application of interpersonal forgiveness play in your spiritual tradition?

Interesting and thought-provoking questions under any circumstances! Thanks to these three for sharing their conversation with the rest of us.

You can link to the discussion through any of their blog sites; each entry included links to the other two:

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