Dialogue a “Vital Necessity”- Pope Benedict XVI

Addressing a group from the Foundation for Interreligious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue, Pope Benedict XVI declared that “research and interreligious and intercultural dialogue are not an option but a vital necessity for our time.” As Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, the Pope was one of the founding members of the group in 1999. Other founding members were Prince Hassan of Jordan, Metropolitan Damaskinos of Switzerland, Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, and former chief rabbi of France Rene Samuel SiratThe Foundation was created to encourage dialogue among the three Abrahamic traditions– Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and to promote “a clearer understanding of a shared moral heritage with no syncretism or proselytism”.

Members of the delegation presented the Pope with the first project of the Foundation: a joint edition of the Torah, New Testament, and Qur”an in their original languages. Benedict expressed the hope that by re-reading, or reading for the first time, of each other”s sacred texts, Jews, Christians, and Muslims would come to appreciate the commonalities of the three traditions and be better equipped to enter into respectful dialogue.

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One Response to Dialogue a “Vital Necessity”- Pope Benedict XVI

  1. cantueso says:

    The problem is that in some places Catholics don’t hear much about the Bible, even if they do attend religious instruction.

    I am from Switzerland and had catechism for about 9 years of about 1 hour a week and never heard much about the Bible except as a reference.

    Now I am in Spain and things here are worse. Just yesterday I spoke to a kid who is from one of these high profile Catholic families; the kid goes to an all Catholic school managed by nuns; he is about 14 or 15 and his mother once told me she would want him to become a priest.

    Well, there was a drawing of the Golden Calf on the table. The kid did not know the story and had not heard of Moses.

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