What happens when people get together?

All too often there is conflict and a battle for “turf.” But when 300 people come together in a spirit of hospitality and respect, the feeling is awe-inspiring.

That”s what happened last Thursday at the Circle of Palms in downtown San Jose. People came together to meet one another, to break bread together, and to celebrate the religious and cultural diversity of our community. The space formed as people gathered in the circle was truly sacred space, and the table in the center held bread, fruit, and burning lamps– symbolic of the support and inspiration that we bring to each other.

The event was sponsored by SouthBay Interfaith an ad-hoc group of religious leaders who have been engaged in dialogue and cooperative efforts for many years. It was their desire to give more people in our community the riches they have experienced in interfaith encounters. This was the second event of this kind sponsored, and there are plans to continue and expand into the future.To see pictures of the event, or to find out how you can get involved in interfaith opportunities in the South Bay Area, go to the SouthBay Interfaith website at http://www.southbayinterfaith.org.

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