Breaking Bread Together:An Interfaith Reunion

Breaking Bread Together:
An Interfaith Reunion

On Thursday, September 21, 2006, from 6:00-7:00 pm at the Circle of Palms in downtown San Jose, people from many of the religious communities of the South Bay will gather together to meet one another, break bread together, and affirm our appreciation and respect for the diversity of religious commitment in our area. The event is sponsored by SouthBay Interfaith, a coalition of religious and interfaith groups, including Interfaith Space.Last year, over 250 people gathered in the same place to mark the convergence of significant holidays for Jewish, Christian, and Muslim traditions. We had such a good time that we resolved to do it again, but to extend the invitation to non-Abrahamic religious groups as well.

Please share the information with your networks and gather some friends and plan to be with us on September 21st. There still is time for groups to become “Participating Organizations” and be listed among the supporters. Go to the SouthBay Interfaith website for information.

A flyer for the event can be found at, along with up-to-date information and listing of supporting and participating organizations, and a map to the location.

See you there!

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