Valley of Heart’s Delight

In a workshop at the Carry the Vision conference last month, I heard several comments about the unique characteristics of Santa Clara County. Among the counties in the US, it was said, Santa Clara County ranks in the top 5 for ethnic and cultural diversity, and is number one in terms of inter-cultural, interracial marriage. While I cannot vouch for the statistical accuracy of the claims, it is clear to anyone who looks around the Valley that our community is a tremendous mix of cultures, religions, and ethnic groups.

One thing that sets us apart from many other places in the US is that, unlike other places where there are clear demarcations between communities, in the South Bay we live alongside each other, and encounter one another regularly in school, on the job, and in the mall.

It is often said that Santa Clara County is a foretaste of what much of the US will look like before long, and we have been able to model how to live together as a diverse community without major conflict between one group and another. We have a unique opportunity to show the rest of the country what a truly multicultural, multi-ethnic, and religiously sensitive community would look like.

This Valley was once known as “The Valley of Heart”s Delight,” referring to the vistas of blooming fruit trees that stretched in every direction. The trees are long gone, but we still have the chance to remain The Valley of Heart”s Delight- a place where people connect with one another at the level of the heart.

Valley of Heart's Delight
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