Fasting and Feasting Gathering Tonight

Today is October 6, 2005 in the Western Calendar; 3 Tishrei, 5766 in the Jewish Calendar, and Ramadan 02, 1426 in the Muslim calendar.

This evening, members of many religious communities in the South Bay Area will gather in downtown San Jose for Fasting & Feasting: A Family Reunion of the Children of Abraham. At 6:00 pm at the Circle of Palms (between the Fairmont Hotel and the San Jose Art Museum, near the corner of Market and San Fernando Streets), there will be a brief service of shared prayers, shared food, and shared community.

Also today, further north in Palo Alto, Multifaith Voices for Peace is sponsoring a gathering at the Palo Alto Civic Plaza to commemorate the convergence of religious holidays and to lift up the needs of Darfur. This evening in Saratoga, Rabbi Daniel Pressman will speak at the Saratoga Public Library on Judaism: Living in Two Civilizations as part of the weeklong “Five Major Religions of the World” series leading up to Building Bridges: A Celebration of Cultural Diversity at West Valley College on Sunday. (For more information and details on these and other events, see the Interfaith Space Events Calendar.)

These unique opportunities are becoming more frequent, and we hope they will continue into the future as people of faith, our friends and neighbors, draw more closely together in respect and appreciation for each other.

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