A Planetary Vision and a Universal Heart

I have just returned from the Summer satsang gathering of the three California Regional groups of the International Satsang Association. The ISA is an international group of people committed to celebrating diversity and creating a world in which people are honored and respected despite their differences.”Satsang” is a Sanskrit word which refers to a gathering of the faithful, of people together seeking truth. The center of the ISA community is what is known as the “Triple Commitment.”Satsang-members make a serious commitment to:

  • personal growth in spiritual awareness and practice
  • helping remove the barriers of prejudice and ignorance which divide persons from each other, and
  • building up relationships of compassion and appreciation across frontiers of race, language, culture and religion.

Members of ISA come from a variety of religious traditions– Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu– and all come together to share in silence, reflection, and mutual support in the goal of breaking down barriers and building bridges. The ISA maintains a retreat center (Die Quelle: “the Source”) in Austria, but local groups in Africa, Australia, Europe, Mexico and the U.S. meet regularly.

If you are interested in finding out more about the International Satsang Association or the local (Bay Area) Satsang group, see the ISA website at www.satsang.org or write to satsang@revdak.com.

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